Even though great care was taken in compiling personal data, there may be errors in the spelling of names or in the listed birthplace. Places of birth are given in the local language. Where the geographical location of a place of birth can be established with certainty, the place name is followed by the country of origin; this is based on the pre-war borders (as of 31 December 1937).

In many cases, however, knowing the place of birth and nation of origin gives little indication of the individual's ethnicity. This applies particularly to Eastern European regions such as Galicia, whose borders were redrawn repeatedly during the first half of the twentieth century. For example, most of the Hungarian Jews who were deported to the Mittelbau camps were born in areas transferred to Romania or Czechoslovakia after 1920. In these cases the memorial book lists the Hungarian place name, which is also most frequently cited in the available sources.

For places of birth which were located in the German Reich, no country name is listed.